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Dj Abhishek Barhaj New Vibration Dj Songs 2024 – Sakhir Re Var Paa Gaini Kheshari Lal Yadav

Dj Abhishek Barhaj New Vibration Dj Songs 2024 – Sakhir Re Var Paa Gaini Kheshari Lal Yadav:

This Dj Song Is Remixed By Dj Abhishek Barhaj Deoria And Song Is Sung By Kalpana And Kheshari Lal Yadav And and Movie is Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna.

Download Dj Abhishek Barhaj New Vibration Dj Songs 2024 – Sakhir Re Var Paa Gaini Kheshari Lal Yadav:

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Who Is Dj Abhishek Barhaj:

DJ Abhishek Barhaj is a very famous DJ Remix of Deoria, in whose songs Dholki is often prominent. He mixes the songs in very good quality. He has been in the habit of remixing songs since his childhood and giving a new look to old songs. He used to get a lot of pleasure, hence Abhishek Barhaj, whose full name is Abhishek Kumar Paswan, started remixing songs from class 9 itself. Talking about his early days, he did not have any laptop but he had so much dedication that he used to do it on his phone. After downloading FL Studio Mobile, He started remixing the songs but no special effect was seen but after remixing the songs for a long time, people started liking their remixes and today DJ Abhishek Barhaj has 50000 subscribers on YouTube. Abhishek Barhaj is a well-known personality of Uttar Pradesh.

Disclaimer For This Post:

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Abhishek Barhaj

Abhishek Barhaj, a passionate individual hailing from the beautiful city of Deoria in Uttar Pradesh, India. At 21, I’m on a journey of exploration, learning, and creativity. My interests are as diverse as they come. I find immense joy in the art of remixing songs, infusing new rhythms and beats to create something unique and refreshing. It’s a passion that fuels my creative spirit, allowing me to express myself through the language of music.

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